We convert time into cryptocurrency.

GTC - Global Time Coin

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1440.World opens a new era, in which the global community of citizens is free to manage their own time, do their dream jobs and define the way they work on a basis of an optimal distribution of time.

Issue your own currency

Pay with your time for goods and services the same way that you pay with money.

Become independent

Get salary that doesn’t depend on local currency exchange rate and inflation.

Never wait anymore

Keep your activities and locations synchronized with other people. Automatically notify each other if your plans change.

Empower your employees

Make your employees self-organized and time-aware.

Automate all HR processes

Let the blockchain hire the best specialists for your company. Get your employees’ worktime allocation transparent and optimized.

Raise profitability per employee.

Sell extra time of your employees to the third parties. Crowdsource specialists on your projects.

Get a stable pipeline of projects

Presale your time weeks and months ahead. Sell your expertise by minute at a time auction.

Protect yourself from non-payments

Sign a smart contract with the client and freeze the required amount on his account. Bill the client automatically every minute.

Grow the value of your time

Increase the value your personal time by building up your portfolio and getting additional education.


Assume 1 hour consultation with an expert costs $100

You pay:


GTC = $0,046

You pay: $56

After the ICO

GTC = $0,082

You pay: $100

Save 44%



Invest into time of promising people

Wait until their time grows in value

Sell their time at a profit



Using blockchain technology 1440.World strengthens a popular concept of Timebanking, which requires trust between all members of a timebank. Blockchain helps establish trust between complete strangers and thus allows applying the timebanking philosophy on a global level creating a much better alternative to the existing monetary system.

What is timebanking?


Pre-ICO Progress:

100 ETH

25,000 ETH

ICO target: 300,000 ETH


GTC issued:
3 600 000 000 (3.6 bn)

ERC20 token standard. All unsold tokens will go to Time funds.
Forms of payment: Bitcoin (“BTC”), Ether (“ETH”).

Token ICO and pre-ICOprice:

March, 4 March, 18 April, 4 April, 15

Bonus +79%
0.00014 ETH

0.00017 ETH

0.00021 ETH

0.00023 ETH

0.00025 ETH

Pre-ICO Start:
January 29, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT

Pre-ICO End:
February 25, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT

ICO Start:
March 4, 2018, 12:00 PM PDT

ICO End:
May 13, 2018, 12:00 PM PDT

Advisory Board

George Bachiashvili

George is the CEO of Georgian Co-Investment Fund (GCF)

GCF – a USD $6bn private investment fund, an early partner of BitFury – nowadays one of the biggest companies in the bitcoin industry.

Prior to joining GCF Mr. Bachiashvili served as a deputy CEO at the Partnership Fund and was in charge of the transformation process of the Fund into the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Georgia.

Before that, Mr. Bachiashvili held the position of Chief Financial Officer at Unicor Management Company where he was responsible for financial planning, the management and monitoring of holding companies on a group level, and the sell side M&A of companies under management of the group. Of note, he led the sale of six companies in four sectors of the Russian economy (banking, agriculture, real estate and pharmaceutical retail) with a total value in excess of USD 1.5bn.

In addition, Mr. Bachiashvili has accumulated a broad range of experience in the management and financial sectors. In particular, in his career to date, he has held various positions at Booz & Company, Abu Dhabi Group Georgia and Bank of Georgia.

Mr. Bachiashvili holds a BBA degree in Finance from Caucasus University, and an MBA degree from INSEAD.

Artem Chestnov

Business development director at (raised over $20m during ICO in Oct’17)

Denis Poluliakhov

CEO at Carbyn Blockchain; co-founder at Mark.Space


Almir Salimov, CEO

Almir has more than 12 years of entrepreneurship and corporate experience.

He started his professional career with BP in London, being responsible for monitoring and protecting 50,000+ servers and several data centers. 2 years later Almir moved to BP’s downstream business as a planning manager, operating the largest BP’s terminal in Europe: Almir supervised a team of 25 people handling a daily product turnover exceeding $50m.

After receiving an MBA degree Almir joined the energy practice of Booz&Co, where he developed strategies for the largest energy companies, including the setup of OJSC “Rusatom service”– one of the main nuclear plant maintenance companies in the world.

During the last few years Almir took a variety of roles in IT and community management spheres. Almir founded OnTheList and Primerry – a social network and a messenger for top-managers, bankers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals attracting more than 10,000 premium members, helped to rebrand and re-launch – Russia’s largest professional social network, and created – a portal and a community platform of Skolkovo Foundation – the State’s major initiative for developing high-tech startups in Russia.

Almir holds a first-class honors degree in Economics from National Research University-Higher School of Economics (Russia), a Master’s degree with distinction in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems from London School of Economics and Political Science (UK) and an MBA from INSEAD (Singapore, France).

Michael Bobylev, CMO

Implementation of the wide-scale branding projects for private and government clients.

Artem Sitnikov, CFO

Artem leads FCG’s VC practice. He has lead over 1,000 projects during the last 12 years.

He is the mastermind behind FCG’s most prominent business line Startup Advisory Services.

Under his leadership and guidance 20+ startups we launched. He sharpened them through the most challenging development stage. Recently he expanded these services into advising hi-tech companies with the respect to creating blockchain platforms.

He led FCG to become the go-to advisor for ICO related services. He provided analytical support to LAToken and MobileGo during their respective ICOs. In addition to 1440.WORLD his current ICO clients include VLB Token and crypto-mining companies, logistics providers and companies in the shared economies space. Artem graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) majoring in cybernetics, information systems and cryptography.

Alex Gorshenev, CTO

Alexander is the CEO and the founder of VistaComputers - an IT company focusing on mobile apps, cryptography and blockchain solutions.

Alexander is a professional software developer with more than 13 years of experience, selling his first software at the age of 16.

Two years later he opened a IT service and outsourcing company.

At the age of 20 Alexander founded a company ReflexIT developing software and websites and grew it to a total headcount of 43 people. Under his leadership the company successfully completed more than 400 IT projects.

Alexander holds degree Math from 2017

Mikhail Skobenko, CBDO

Mikhail Skobenko is a board member of several state enterprises. Mr. Skobenko has extensive experience in business development, bailout strategies and startups.

Prior to joining 1440.World’s team, he founded a few companies in construction, electronics retail, and digital marketing areas, and set up a federal non-profit young scientist organization.

On a regular basis Mr.Skobenko participates as a VC-expert in Generation ”S” - the largest Russian and Eastern Europe start-up accelerator and Gridology – a federal competition of smart grid technology applications and other innovative projects within the electric power sector.

Mr.Skobenko is also an ex-member of the Council for Science and Technology of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Mr.Skobenko holds several academic degrees from Bauman MSTU, NOSU, and MGIMO.

Nikita Zverev, CDMO

Nikita Zverev took various high level management roles in the largest FMCG and Consumer Electronics companies such as Unilever, Akrikhin, De’Longhi.

Mr.Zverev is the founder of several marketing and digital agencies, which manage local and international projects: a launch of international goods on the Russian market, 360 digital campaigns in collaboration with, Rambler, Yandex and the biggest digital media platforms, brand development and brand building. Mr.Zverev managed fundraising for the largest students NGOs, such as Russian Union of Youth, Board of European Students of Technology.

Mr.Zverev holds degrees from Bauman MSTU, MGIMO and University of Naples Federico II.

Grigorii Slynko, Mentor

CEO at, blockchain enthusiast

Alex Klabukov, developer

More than 20 years of software development


March 14, 2018

Pilot app testing
May, 2018

Blockchain prototype
June, 2018

Decentralized app prototype
September, 2018

Blockchain alpha release
November, 2018

App alpha release on blockchain
February, 2019


What if I don't want to keep my time?

We strongly believe that time is the most important asset of a free individual and it deserves to be paid careful attention to. We suggest you adopt this approach with the help of our platform and start your life anew. Quite possibly, our platform will let you perform more effectively and have fuller and brighter experiences. In any case we ementation more than 10 branding projects for private and government clients.

What about the privacy of my time schedule?

While organizing your time in our app you will be able to use three parameters: time, activity and the receiver of your time. Those will be encrypted and recorded securely in blockchain at a specific minute of time. Only participants of this activity will be able to access this information, however you may agree to make it public at your profile pages. The application will also show other users what is the rate of your time based on previous transactions, amount of registered transactions, your medium mark and other information.

Why put time on blockchain?

We are sure that blockchain technologies will make the world a fairer place. It is their use that will allow to turn time into a measurable asset and make all other currencies obsolete. Own blockchain technology will be aimed at secure and transparent storage of information about the use of time by any person. It will also eliminate the possibility of double-spend when someone sells their time twice to different clients. The opportunities of the blockchain will extend far beyond our project and will lay foundation for many others. Besides, blockchain solutions will address the following challenges:
— verification of identity;
— verification of degrees and qualifications;
— implementation of smart contracts;
— storage of marks and reviews.

What would I need someone's time for?

Our idea is that there is no single person in the World whose time is completely worthless. Everyone can do something useful for others today or in the future. Aquiring the time of another person, you gain access to goods, services, digital content or pastime that they can provide.

Why should anyone pay for time, not the result?

When you ask for a service, you expect not just a result but a good result that will be worth your money. That is why different people charge different prices for the same work. We think that respect for one's own time and the time of others is key to a good result. That is why we suggest to pay for the time that someone needs to realize fully their potential. If someone will overstate the time frames for their works, it will eventually affect the value of their time sold on the Time Exchange

What if my task is executed badly?

Unfortunately, no social IT platform can totally eliminate the human factor. However, the distributed ledger technologies will minimize possible shortcomings. Among them we will especially focus on the following:
— verification of identity and qualifications;
— marks and reviews that are stored securely and transparently;
— smart contracts where you can set the conditions to completion and payment order;
— curators that can use their time to check the course of the work

How is it different from the freelance work platform?

We would want you to percieve platform not as a freelance work platform but as an opportunity to adopt a new way of thinking and social interaction. Our primary focus is not specific products or services, but a new approach to human activity that is incorporated in our blockchain technology.

How is it different from time banks?

We were inspired by the history of the time banks that have existed worldwide but we are going to elaborate on their idea, further than anyone before. We are creating a full blown digital economy on a blockchain platform, where the time of any person has its value and can be fairly exchanged for the time of others

What can I earn for my services on this platform?

The trade on the platform will be carried out with a cryptocurrency GTC, that is going to be freely convertible for other cryptocurrencies and the fiat money. This cryptocurrency is specifically designed to support the 1440.World ecosystem and carrying out accounting in time and will be used in all projects on the 1440.Ledger.

What if I want to provide my service for free or give a discount?

You decide by yourself how you should distribute your time and it is precisely how its value is established. The more services you have provided, the more stable is your exchange rate, which means that you can use your time in more various ways without the risk of depreciation. What is always important to remember is that the prior thing is not the price of time but the value out of it. In the long run that is what is always going to keep you highly relevant.